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Manufacturing AEC Magnetics electromagnets requires the same key components we’ve used for 60 years. While the parts haven’t changed, the availability has. Our sourcing agents are working like never before to find the quality components we insist upon for our electromagnets, and do so in the most timely and affordable way possible so we can get a quality magnet in your hands as soon as possible.

greg welding light with blue arcThe human factor is our most important component:  AEC uses specially trained precision technicians to hand-make and hand-test every electromagnet that leaves our facility. While Covid-19 did not shut down our facility, it did slow production and left us with a smaller labor pool.

Steel: AEC electromagnets start with a sturdy steel cases. Steel prices increased 200% from pre-pandemic to July 2021. 

Electrical Components:  Securing electronic components has been an industry issue since 2018. Capacitors, resistors and other electronic components are even tougher to find since Covid-19 pressures closed some companies.  

COPPER CORESCopper:  Prices are high, but this material is available for now.  AEC uses the superior grade magnet wire, will not substitute lower grade materials to save money.

Paint: Paint manufacturers need 27 chemicals to make paint. Finding 26 isn’t good enough; without all 27 they can’t make paint. Paint is expensive, in high demand and we use a significant amount of commercial-grade paint and solvents in our electromagnets.

Epoxy:  A big challenge. Prices are up at least 50% this year alone due to dwindling supplies. High demand, lack of producers and Covid lockdowns have made epoxy a tough sourcing challenge.  

AEC has been sourcing electromagnet components for 60 years. We know how to do it, we know when we're offered cheap substitutions. We got this, and guarantee we never stop working the sourcing challenge so we can get you your magnet in the least amount of time possible.