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Rock em Sock em Robots Game1The only robots I ever knew about growing up were Red Rocker and Blue Bomber, stars of that action toy my brothers and I used to play, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Those, and that Class M-3 Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot from Lost In Space.“Danger! Danger, flee Will Robinson!” But fast forwarding to my association with AEC Magnetics, it's easy to see the world sees robots as more than fun and games. AEC provides automation solutions, and automation is becoming more dependent on robotics. Robotic arms hold, move, transfer, grip, palletize, and perform many automation operations. Workplaces are understandably apprehensive, as some reports suggest almost half of U.S. workers will be replaced by automation, and lost in space robotthe projection in developing countries even higher. But the robots I see now in automation, with AEC, have positive implications. Foremost, there is a safety feature. Robots reduce repetitive injuries and hazardous materials accidents. These alone have an enormous impact on saving a manufacturer's most precious commodity, humans. A lot of studies have gone in to the relationship between humans and robots as well. Employees and robots are now working in more complimentary roles. Many robots have a human companion that cares for, and complements, their jobs. This requires more workforce training, which increases the knowledge and value of our human workers. The value robots add make items cheaper, more plentiful and available. Our magnetic solutions, especially robotics, make automation quick, easy, affordable and safe at manufacturing facilities worldwide. Please visit to see our custom and in-stock solutions if this appeals to you. If it's's AEC!