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Roofers, This One's For You!
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Roofers, This One's For You!

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roof debris AEC magneticsConstruction debris problems...Hard rain, hail, wind and rough weather across the United States this late spring and early summer mean big business for roofers, but also for--get this--tire stores! One Texas TV station recently reported an incredible uptick in flat tires.  An Amarillo store said as many as 20 customers were coming in each day for roofing nail damage alone!!  "There's tons of roofing nails.  I mean, if we saved every roofing nail, I could probably re-roof my house," said one tire store manager.  "[Some nails] are getting in the shoulder and sidewalls of the tire,and nail tire aec...causing flat tiresso it ruins them  to where they're unrepairable."   Roofers, don't be the problem, be the solution. Invest in an AEC Magnetic Floor Sweeper.  These inexpensive-yet-sturdy sweepers never need power. They are always on duty, ready to pick up metal debris from your construction site. AEC customers use them to magnetic floor sweeper 300Solution: AEC Magnetic Sweeper!clear roads, highways, runways, driveways, sidewalks, playgrounds, barn floors, manufacturing floors, industrial sites, garages, shop floors and ship decks.  Nails, nuts, bolts, metal pieces, scrap can be picked up in one easy pass.  The AEC magnetic floor sweeper will last a lifetime and it will never need recharging.  AEC Magnetics offers many magnetic tools that don't require electricity and make the workplace safer.  Download our catalog to see these handy tools, and all of our industrial magnetics.  Electromagnets, permanent magnets, magnetic repair and certification and custom design-to-build solutions. When it comes to magnetics, AEC does it all.  If it's's AEC!