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High Quality AEC Electromagnets
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High Quality AEC Electromagnets

Permanent & Electromagnets for Automation | AEC Magnetics

epoxy aec electroWhen you take delivery of an AEC electromagnet, you are receiving an extraordinary piece of equipment. AEC magnetic technicians build, test and guarantee every electromagnet here at our Cincinnati, Ohio, manufacturing facility.  AEC techs wind each copper core by hand, using the highest grade magnet wire for outstanding structural stability and thermal conductivity.  Each coil is placed in a rugged steel case, sealed with carefully selected, high-quality thermo-epoxy compound and finished to its exact specifications, accurate to critical dimensions of +/-0.005.  Our electros serve in COPPER CORESHand-wound Copper Coresmanufacturing facilities around the world, from large-scalel industrial automation to small-scale end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) robotics applications. AEC electros safely reliably and affordably position, transfer and clamp parts, operate safety doors, load, stack, bundle and lift and much, much more. With a half century of design, test and build under our belt, we leave no guesswork for you selecting the perfect magnet for your job.  We're here to find you a solution, not sell you a magnet.  We design custom solutions, certify and test magnets, have a terrific line of permanent magnets and magnetic tools, and customers love our super-strength neodymiums. Call us for help in selecting the finest magnet at the fairest price.

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