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AEC beam universal stainless magnetHeavy lift day today at AEC Magnetics today. In the AEC welding department, a technician is outfitting a spreader beam with lifting lugs and forklift pockets. When it's finished, the beam will be mated with these behemoth AEC electormagnets, which are in the AEC paint processing center today. We can not F9DB2E5F 4437 42B2 AFB7 D76645BA8C9Fwait to ship this to our friends at Universal Stainless, where they plan to use it on a forklift to move some hefty billets--25,000 pounds each. We added a convenient 12-volt feature that allows them to tap into theh forklift for convenient electromagnet operation.  Universal is an interesting company.  It produces semi-finished and specialy steel long products and plate and other metals that go to aerospace, power generation, oil and gas and heavy equipment manufacturing.  AEC Magnetics has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience designing and building custim magnets fir lifting and robotics. Please give us a call to discuss your application and check out our friends at Universal Stainless.