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The Greatest Job You've Never Heard Of.
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The Greatest Job You've Never Heard Of.

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The greatest job you've never heard of may be magnet technican.  Specializing in making AEC electromagnets and magnetic tools, our magnet techs are a rare combination of craftsman, electrical specialist, specialty shipper, machinist and quality control specialist.  We are proud of our magnet techs, and are grateful for their many years of experience and service to AEC.  

A magnet specialist's typical day isn't typical. It may include reading engineering drawings, winding copper coils, pouring epoxy, welding eyebolts or steel electromagnet cases, certifying a magnet's holding power on a dynamometer, painting and finishing magnets, packing permanent or electromagnets as required to meet international and customer specifications, electrical assembly, operating machining equipment, diagnosing non-functioning magnets in our repair department and building magnetic tools. There's more, and the role is ever changing.  

They are the finest industrial magnetics craftsmen you'll find anywhere.  greg dynamometerAEC Magnetics insists on making its electromagnets by hand, one at a time, and testing each one before it leaves our Cincinnati, Ohio, manufacturing facility. This cannot happen without qualified, particular, customer-focused magnet technicians. Plus, with hand-made anything is becoming more and more of a rarity, their skills and high standards are in high demand. Custom or off-the-shelf, AEC Magnetics' industrial 

If you are interested in becoming a magnet specialist, please send an e-mail message to HR at AEC Magnetics' Cincinnati, Ohio, facility. If you can show us a committment to learning, genuine curiosity in magnets, committment to precision, accuracy and quality, outstanding work ethic and  stick-to-it-iveness, a career may be awaiting  you at AEC Magnetics.