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Shocking Video: Magnet Blows Up Lab

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Scientists at the University of Tokyo blew the doors off the world for building the world's strongest controlled magnetic field.  Literally.  Check out the video and see the incredibly heavy doors blown to smithereens as the electromagnetic field reached the gargantuan strength of 1,200 teslas.  That is 400 times more powerful than an MRI machine, which produces about three teslas.  This smashed the previous record of 1,000 teslas.

Don't try this at home. The scientists pumped 3.2 megajoules of energy into a small electromagnetic coil. The coil collapsed when it reached 15 times the speed of sound. This squeezed and squeezed the magnetic field inside into a tighter and tighter space. It exploded from the incredible electromagnetic force and blew the doors off the lab.  The scientists were not injured, as they conducted the experiment from a shielded control room. We hope they wore their safety goggles that day.  

Congratulations on the new record, from AEC Magnetics.